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We have designed a fantastic travel rod for those who want more than the basic one rod. It comes in a tough travel case and measures 500mm x 100mm.

The rod itself is made up from various sections that can be put together to make different length and types of fishing rods.

There are 36 different combinations: 6 different lengths, 3 different tips - light, medium and heavy - and two different handle sections.

The rod is made from solid carbon - light and strong, the reel seat is double threaded and the handle is reversible so any length rod will balance out. You can even use an Alvey reel on it.

Many people have tried this before but have failed. Our patented reducing ferrule allows you to put any section of the rod directly into the handle.

Comments from customers so far are "Brilliant" "Fantastic" "Just what I need" and "I want one".  It's a simple, yet effective, design and we have a world-wide patent pending.  So, if you want one, here is the place to get it.

This is our first batch and they are selling fast.  Ideal for campers, 4wds, motorcyclists and anyone who loves to travel.

How does it work?

The rod pack contains multiple rod lengths that fit together with standard rod ferrules.  The unique idea behind this travel rod is that it contains our patented ferrule reducers or adaptors which allow any size rod diameter to fit into the handle section. This allows you to put in the middle and top sections or just the tip section.

It’s a very simple plug-in design that is shaped for easy removal like a wine cork.  Different plug-in ferrule adapters mean you can put any piece of the rod into the handle.

This amazing new product has been designed to overcome the questions most travellers have: What rods should I take?  How many should I take?  How can I do it safely, conveniently and cheaply?

We believe that we have invented the ultimate fishing rod that comes close to answering those questions.

The rod comes in a handy sized 500mm x 70mm tube that protects the rod, is easy to carry and store, as well as keeping it hidden from prying eyes.  Total weight 1.89 kg including all ferrules and carry case.


The TravelMaster Multi-Rod is made from solid carbon with metal ferrules and fittings; the rod is designed to make it tough enough to take all the knocks and bumps of the serious traveller.


Most fisher folk use different rods for different styles of fishing and when embarking on a trip often can’t choose whether to take a surf rod, a jetty rod, a spinning rod or all of them.

Most rods are too long to take on a plane or get broken when left in cars on long journeys.

Motorcyclists are limited in what they can carry and several rods take up far too much room in a limited space when travelling around Australia if you are only a casual fisherman.

How many times have you said “If I had a rod with me now I could go and fish there?”

The aim was to come up with a simple, practical solution of designing a rod that would suit each style of fishing for a variety of species and be contained in a small self-contained space that was easy to transport.

The Travel Master Multi-Rod gives you 6 different lengths so you can make up different styles:

1.        12’ long - ideal for fishing the beaches for salmon, mulloway or mullet.  All the pieces of the rod are used here, including the handle extender.  The reducing ferrules are not used in this design.

2.       10’ spin stick - for estuaries or large rivers.  Use the heavy tip for carp or the light tip for bream.  All the pieces of the rod are used here, except the handle extender.  The blank ferrule is placed in the end of the handle to keep the sand/dirt out.  The reducing ferrules are not used in this design.

3.        8’ jetty rod – for squid or gar. The first two rod lengths after the handle are removed and the third rod length it fitted directly into the handle.  The handle extender can be added for jetty fishing to make it easier to reach for your reel when you’ve got a strike.  The reducing ferrules are not used in this design.

4.        6’ boat rod – tough enough for snapper or light enough for whiting.  The first, second and third rod lengths are removed and the fourth rod length is fitted directly into the handle using the reducing ferrule with the largest hole in it.

5.       4’ tinny rod or stream rod - ideal in tight spaces.  The first, second, third and fourth rod lengths are removed and the fifth rod length is fitted directly into the handle using the reducing ferrule with the medium sized hole in it.

6.        3’ poacher rod - for bushwalkers or for jigging out of a canoe.  Any of the three tips can be fitted directly into the handle using the reducing ferrule with the smallest sized hole in it.


The rod comes with 3 different tips—light, medium and heavy, so if the whiting aren’t biting on the light gear you can change up to a heavier tip and jig for squid.

A handle extension can go in any time to give you that extra distance casting, so if you wish to change from a spinning style rod just pop in the handle and change it to a jetty rod – it’s so simple.

6 different lengths x 3 different tips x 2 handle options equals an amazing 36 different fishing rod combinations.

The handle even rotates around so if your preference is an Alvey style reel or an overhead you can use that.


The first eye on the rod is collapsible so it folds down easily, taking up less space.

The rod and its ferrule reducers come in a convenient bag that rolls up neatly and fits inside the storage carry tube. This means if you wish you can leave the tube in your vehicle and just take the couple of pieces you need for that day’s fishing- ideal for backpackers who are trying to keep carry weights down.

The sturdy rod tube itself has a carry handle and also two carry loops either side of the handle, ideal for strapping down on a motorcycle rack or pushbike. It also makes it easy to attach to a backpack so hands are free.

Product Video

TravelMaster Multi Rod

Constructing the Light River / Estuary Rod

Constructing the Large River Rod

Constructing the Surf Rod

Constructing the Short Rod

Constructing the Tinny Rod / Light Spin Stick

Constructing the Boat / General Purpose Rod